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FAW Jiefang Place First with 32,500 Heavy-duty Trucks Sold in Sep., Up 54% YOY

Date:2020-10-10 Author:Daisy Source:www.go6rb.com

Heavy-duty truck sales in September were 136,000 units, up 5 percent compared with August and 63 percent from a year ago, according to the latest statistics. FAW Jiefang still ranked first in September with total sales of 32,500 units heavy-duty trucks and 54 percent year-on-year growth, followed by Dongfeng in second and and Sinotruk in third and SHACMAN in fourth.

In the first nine months of the year, FAW Jiefang heavy-duty truck sales increased about 42 percent to 32,5500 units, increasing its market share from 25.7 percent a year ago to 26.6 percent to date.

FAW Jiefang is a truck manufacturing company headquartered in Changchun, Jilin, China, and a wholly owned subsidiary of FAW Group. It is the largest manufacturer of heavy trucks in China. FAW Jiefang was established in 2003 and has more than 22,000 employees, building more than 500 different models of 5-30 ton trucks.

FAW Jiefang began as the FAW Car Co., Ltd, with its founding in 1953. The first “Jiefang” truck rolled off the lines in 1956.

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