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Hongyan Again be on the Top of the Dumper Sales in August


The data has showed China’s dumper sales grew by 54 percent in August of 2020 to 21.3 thousand units from the previous year. For the first eight months of 2020, the total dumping truck sales is up 7.8 percent to 179.2 thousand units, compared to the 166.2 thousand units a year earlier. That represents a growth of 4 percent over the 4% increase during the first seven months of 2020. This is the fourth consecutive months for heavy-duty dumpers to achieve rising sales since May this year.

Hongyan has kept ranking first in the number of heavy-duty dumpers sales for months in a row. For the first eight months, Hongyan reported a 5.5 percent increase in dumper sales to 26.9 thousand units, accounting for 15 percent of the market share. SHACMAN has overtaken Dongfeng and FAW Jiefang with China’s second-highest total number of 25.9 thousand dumpers and a market share of 14.4 percent during the January to August period.

There is only a small difference between SHACMAN, Dongfeng and FAW Jiefang in dumper sales with 25.9 thousand units, 25.9 thousand units and 25.6 thousand units sold respectively.

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