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FAW Jiefang’s Sales Volume Grew by 27% from Jan. to May

Date:2020-06-16 Author:Daisy Source:www.go6rb.com

On June 7, FAW Jiefang released a business report, showing that the company sold 175,000 units heavy-duty trucks in China, up by 61.6% year on year. From January to May, the company’s sales volume of heavy-duty trucks stood at 640,000 units, up by 15.9% year on year. In the same period, its market share went up from 27.2% last year to 29.7% this year.

FAW Jiefang’s Sales Volume Grew by 27% from Jan. to May

On the same day, FAW Jiefang revealed that it would establish a new subsidiary with a total investment of 1.125 billion RMB in Changchun. Consisting of three major projects (J7 truck intelligent assembly lines, whole vehicle intelligent testing project and truck chassis anti-corrosion project) and scheduled for operation in December, 2021, the new subsidiary is expected to further improve FAW Jiefang’s overall competitiveness and increase its annual production volume by 50,000 units.

Currently, FAW Jiefang has four production bases located in Changchun, Qingdao, Chengdu and Liuzhou. In addition, it boasts three assembly centers in Changchun, Wuxi and Dalian. Each year, it is able to produce 310,000 units vehicles.

With a wide spectrum of vehicle products (light-, medium- and heavy-trucks, buses) and related key spare parts, FAW Jiefang mainly focuses on marketing Anjie, Han V, Tian V, J6M, J6P, JH6, J7, Long V, J6L, Hu V, J6F series vehicles.

According to the statistics, FAW Jiefang sold 275,000 units heavy-duty trucks in 2019, ranking the second place in the world after Daimler. With a global market share of 11.9%, it holds 23.4% domestic heavy-duty truck market.

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