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Jiefang JF6 Light Truck+LVKON Power

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  • Jiefang JF6 Light Truck+LVKON Power
Technical Parameter
  • Jiefang JF6 CA5043XXYP40L2BEVA83

  • 5995×2250×3105,3305(mm)

  • 2995(Kg)

  • 1305(Kg)

  • 4495(Kg)

  • Full Electric

  • 90(km/h)

  • 3300(mm)

  • TZ310XS-LKM0501

  • Full Electric

  • 120

  • 6.50R16 12PR,7.00R16 8PR

Product Description
Cargo Dimension: 4210×2100×2100,2300(mm)
Approach Angle/Departure Angle: 21/16(°)
Front Suspension/Rear Suspension: 1115/1580(mm)
Number of Tire: 6
Axle Load: 1950/2545

京ICP備09021066號-10Public security record numberPublic security record number:11010502036076
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