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Foton Aumark IBLUE Truck+LiFePO4 Battery

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  • Foton Aumark IBLUE Truck
  • Foton Aumark IBLUE Truck
  • Foton Aumark IBLUE Truck
  • Foton Aumark IBLUE Truck
  • Foton Aumark IBLUE Truck
  • Foton Aumark IBLUE Truck
Technical Parameter
  • Foton Aumark IBLUE Truck

  • 5995×2240×3180

  • 2990

  • 1400

  • 4500

  • 90km/h

  • 100kW

  • 450N.m

Product Description
Vehicle Features: 

Battery Capacity: 104.7kWh

Driving Range: 410km

Aumark IBLUE truck measures 5,995 mm in length, 2,240 mm in width, and 3,180mm in height. Weighing 4.5 tons, it has a lightweight carriage with a space of 18.2m³. The vehicle fully meets the standardized light truck in performance data. It can carry about 1.4 tons of cargo.

With a total storage of 104.7kWh power, Aumark IBLUE truck is mounted with lithium iron phosphate batteries manufactured by Tianjin Lishen. It can also be powered by batteries made by CATL. With the double 250V AC charging ports at the upper side and the 750V DC charging port at the lower side, it is fully adaptable to different recharging facilities. Tests show that the truck is able to drive 410 km at a constant speed.

Aumark IBLUE truck is also equipped with a permanent magnetic synchronous direct-drive motor with a peak power of 100 kW, and a maximum torque of 450 N.m. The truck can reach a maximum speed of 90 km/h. Thus, it fully meets the varied requirements in urban areas and expressways.

The 4.5-ton rear axle fully guarantees the loading capacity of the vehicle. In addition, its U-shaped stabilizer substantially improves the stability of the vehicle.

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