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Jiefang J6P 8x4 Lvtong Truck

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  • Jiefang J6P 8x4 Lvtong Truck
  • Jiefang J6P 8x4 Lvtong Truck
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  • Jiefang J6P 8x4 Lvtong Truck

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Jiefang J6P 8x4 Lvtong truck’s prominent characteristics include: 12-gear all-aluminum transmission, optional aluminum wheel rim and 9.5t Minimum weight. With Jiefang’s own unique fuel-saving technology adopted in its product lines, J6P 8x4 Lvtong van uses about 2L/100km less fuel than the likes. Jiefang J6P 8x4 Lvtong is fitted with auxiliary-wing suspension, enhanced 435 rear axle and upgraded tire. It uses steel sheet metal measuring 1mm in thickness, the thickest in China, in driving cab to enhance vehicle reliability. What’s more, J6P 8x4 also provides a 850mm wide berth, in which drivers can enjoy a comfort, safe driving.
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