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Dongfeng Cummins Produced 18,000 Units Engines from April 1 to 16

Date:2020-04-22 Author:Mark Source:www.go6rb.com

Since the restoration of its production after the outbreak of COVID-19, Dongfeng Cummins has been operating in full swing.

In late March, Dongfeng Cummins secured an order of 100 units ISZ480 engines from YTO Express for its 100 units logistic trucks. The four leading players in China’s logistic industry, including STO Express, YTO Express, BEST Express, SF Express, placed a combined order of almost 1,000 units engines from Dongfeng Cummins at the very end of March.

On April 7, a batch of luxury coaches equipped with Dongfeng Cummins engines were shipped at Xiamen Port, embarking on their journey to Saudi Arabia. Five days later, another batch of luxury coaches equipped with ISL8.9 engines boarded a ship at Qingdao Port and was scheduled to arrive in Saudi Arabia soon.

According to Dongfeng Cummins, the company’s sales volume reached 18,000 units engines in the first half of April.

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