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Yangcheon Environment Chooses Allison Transmission for Refuse Trucks

Date:2019-12-19 Author:Will Source:Allison

Faster acceleration, better vehicle control and increased productivity are among the reasons cleaning service provider, Yangcheon Environment chooses Allison fully automatic transmissions in their refuse trucks. This adoption is the first time for Yangcheon Environment to choose an Allison Transmission product in their vehicles.

Yangcheon Environment Chooses Allison Fully AT for Refuse Trucks

Refuse trucks not only have to be able to haul massive loads, but also need to withstand heavy start-stop duty-cycles and day-after-day use without breaking down. These challenging points have caused technical difficulties for cleaning service providers who use trucks with manual transmissions. That is why the cleaning service provider has chosen Allison’s fully automatic transmissions.

Allison Automatics are design for severe applications. Instead of a starting clutch that is prone to wear, the transmissions use patented torque converter technology for unmatched reliability, more time on the road and lower maintenance costs.

"A refuse truck travels the same route over and over again at a low speed with a high start-and-stop duty-cycle," said Man-seok Bang, CEO of Yangcheon Environment. "After replacing old manual trucks with ones with Allison Automatics, we are extremely happy thanks to the better maneuverability and less driver fatigue."

Bang goes on to praise the durability of Allison Automatics. “Our drivers now find it far easier to drive uphill with their trucks fully loaded. We have not had a single mechanical issue with Allison Automatics since we started using them more than three years ago," Said Bang.

According to Bang, the disc brakes in refuse trucks with manual transmissions frequently break down when driving uphill or down due to the weight of the garbage. Allison transmission pre-select downshift feature prevents the truck from over speeding down the hill and overheating brakes.

“Since drivers of refuse trucks have to drive many places in a short time, they prefer fully automatic transmissions with high productivity,” said Kyoungmee Lee, Regional Director at Allison Transmission Korea. “Especially, fully automatic transmissions are getting a positive response from environment companies thanks to their low maintenance costs.”

Allison Transmission Korea will continue to grow its market share for the Korean specialty vehicle.

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