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Foton Daimler's Super Power Chain Hit the Market

Date:2019-08-08 Author:Daisy Source:www.go6rb.com

On July 29th, Foton Daimler held a launch conference for its new products in Beijing, where it introduced a series of innovative products to the market, including Cummins X13 engine, OM457 engine and ZF autonomous transmission, as well as Auman National 6 trucks. About 300 people are invited to attend the event, including Foton-Daimler leaders, major distributors, service providers and large clients.

Foton-Daimler Super Power Chain Hit the Market

As one of the core products on display, Cummins X13 has been designed and developed in combined with the facts in China. It is a new generation of engine with high power and upgraded in terms of displacement, reliability, power, safety, fuel economy and maintenance. It can produce 580hp and deliver a torque of 2600N?m when operating at a speed of 950-1500rm. With respect to emission, it is able to deliver a higher emission conversion efficiency to met the emission standard of national 6 (b) after integrating with DOC+DPF+SCR.

Foton-Daimler Super Power Chain Hit the Market

While the OM457 engine has been developed on the basis of Daimler technology and provides the lowest fuel consumption of 182g/kwh. It enjoys great popularity in the markets of south America, north America and India due to its competitive edge in fuel economy, reliability, fuel adaption and ease of maintenance.

Foton-Daimler Super Power Chain Hit the Market

ZF AMT transmission, as China’s first mature automatic transmission, can deliver a transmission efficiency of 99.7% and decrease fuel consumption by 4% due to its matching technology for industry road data and big data. The fuel consumption is expected to drop further by 3.5% with an intelligent PCC. In addition, ZF AMT transmission is made of gear steel and angular gear grinding. Its greatest strength lies in up to 20km oil change intervals, long service life and high efficiency in delivery.

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